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Credit Risk Outlook Conference 2017 was successfully Held

On the afternoon of January 12, 2017, “Credit Risk Outlook Conference 2017” was successfully held by China Lianhe Credit Rating Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lianhe Credit Rating") and United Credit Ratings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "United Ratings") in Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel. The conference was attended by nearly 300 professionals from banks, insurance companies, securities companies and other financial institutions. Mr. Shao Liqiang, Chief Executive Officer of Lianhe Credit Rating, delivered an opening speech.


At the press conference, Mr. Li Zhenyu, Vice President of Lianhe Credit Rating, briefly reviewed the main features of China's bond market development and credit risk in 2016, and looked forward to the development trend of credit risk in China's bond market in 2017.


Mr. Wan Huawei, General Manager of the United Ratings, presented a detailed analysis of the operating conditions of real estate industry. After analyzing the credit profile of real estate enterprises issuing bonds in 2016, he pointed out potential real estate credit risk in the future.


Mr. Tian Tian, General Manager of the Industry and Commerce Department, Lianhe Credit Rating, analyzed and forecasted the development of coal industry. Mr. Liu Xiaoliang, Assistant to General Manager of United Ratings, delivered his outlook on the steel industry from the supply side, demand side, raw materials and regions, product differentiation, etc.


Ms. Wang Ying, Senior Director of Enterprise Rating Department, Fitch Ratings, analyzed and forecasted the developing trend of pharmaceutical industry. Li Dan, general manager of industry and commerce, Lianhe United Rating, held that the outlook for metropolitan development investment industry in 2017 will be stable.


Mr. Ge Chengdong, Assistant to General Manager of the Department of Finance, Lianhe Credit Rating, held that the credit profile for the banking industry in 2017 will remain stable.


Mr. Nie Ni, Deputy General Manager of the Research Department, Lianhe Credit Rating, introduced the credit risk early warning system developed solely by Lianhe Credit Rating. The system includes the financial strength rating, the liquidity rating and the market transaction rating. Through the monitoring of long-term and short-term solvency capacities, combined with market reaction, the system could play a role in risk warning.


The conference facilitated extensive and in-depth exchanges between the participants in bond market, deepened their understanding for credit risk, and won good appraisal by the participants.