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EIU Experts Visited United Ratings

On the morning of November 10, 2016, EIU experts Mr. Duncan Innes-Ker, Regional Director for Asia, Dr. Wang Dan, economist and editor, and Mr. Hu Weiqiang, Account Manager visited United Ratings and were invited to lecture about issues surrounding economic prospects, 2016 US election, and political situation in South Korea, etc. Nearly 100 Analysts from Country Risk Department, postdoctoral workstation and other departments attended the meeting and participated in the discussion.


As for the economic outlook for China, Mr. Duncan pointed out that Chinese economy has relied overly on credit to sustain its rapid expansion, and the high savings rate caused the economic vitality to decline. In the Medium term, constrained by limited fiscal resources and natural growth momentum, Chinese government could hardly apply "strong stimulus" policy, thusEIU has grown increasingly concerned about the risk of a so-called “hard landing”. But he also added that Chinese government is expected to buffer the risks and achieve a moderate economic growth through the regulation of the banking sector and the efficient implementation of economic policies.


Participants also showed interests in issues like situations in the United States after Donald Trump was elected president, Donald Trump's China trade plan, China's anti-corruption measures, Brexit, and South Korea’s political scene and economic policy trends under the political scandals, etc., and Mr. Duncan share his views on those issues one by one. The meeting ended in a warm atmosphere.


After the meeting, experts from EIU expressed their willingness to establish a long-term and all-round cooperation with United Ratings, and we also conveyed our welcome for more communications with EIU through their regular and frequent revisits.